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  • Kjeldgaard, M. K., Eyer, P., McMichael, C. C., Bockoven, A. A., King, J. T., Hyodo, A., ... Eubanks, M. D. (2022). Distinct colony boundaries and larval discrimination in polygyne red imported fire ants ( Solenopsis invicta ). Molecular Ecology. 31(3), 1007-1020.
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  • Elkins, B. H., Eubanks, M. D., Faris, A. M., Wang, H., & Brewer, M. J. (2022). Landscape Complexity has Mixed Effects on an Invasive Aphid and Its Natural Enemies in Sorghum Agroecosystems.. Environ Entomol. (4), 660-669.
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  • Lin, C., Tarone, A. M., & Eubanks, M. D. (2022). The discrepancy between fire ant recruitment to and performance on rodent carrion.. Sci Rep. 12(1), 71.
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  • Sawyer, S. J., Eubanks, M. D., Beasley, J. C., Barton, B. T., Puckett, R. T., Tomecek, J. M., & Tomberlin, J. K. (2022). Vertebrate and invertebrate competition for carrion in human-impacted environments depends on abiotic factors. ECOSPHERE. (7),
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  • Kjeldgaard, M. K., Sword, G. A., & Eubanks, M. D. (2022). Sugar is an ant’s best friend? Testing food web theory predictions about trophic position and abundance in an invasive ant (Nylanderia fulva). Biological Invasions. 24(1), 67-80.
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  • Eubanks, M. D., & Styrsky, J. D. (2005). Effects of plant feeding on the performance of omnivorous predators. Plant-Provided Food for Carnivorous Insects. 148-177. Cambridge University Press.
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