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Academic Articles13
  • Juskewitch, J. E., Griffin, J. M., Maleszewski, J. J., Asiedu, G. B., Paolini, M. A., Regnier, A. K., ... Aubry, M. (2021). Resurrecting the Hospital Autopsy: Impact of an Office of Decedent Affairs on Consent Rates, Providers, and Next-of-Kin.. Arch Pathol Lab Med. 145(1), 55-65.
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  • Choudhury, P., Scharf, E. L., Paolini, M. A., Graff-Radford, J., Alden, E. C., Machulda, M. M., ... Boeve, B. F. (2020). Pick's disease: clinicopathologic characterization of 21 cases.. J Neurol. 267(9), 2697-2704.
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  • Ho, M., Eschbacher, K. L., Paolini, M. A., & Raghunathan, A. (2020). New insights into calcifying pseudoneoplasm of the neuraxis (CAPNON): a 20-year radiological-pathological study of 37 cases.. Histopathology. 76(7), 1055-1069.
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  • Bieniek, K. F., Blessing, M. M., Heckman, M. G., Diehl, N. N., Serie, A. M., Paolini, M. A., ... Dickson, D. W. (2020). Association between contact sports participation and chronic traumatic encephalopathy: a retrospective cohort study.. Brain Pathol. 30(1), 63-74.
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  • Alvi, M. A., Ida, C. M., Paolini, M. A., Kerezoudis, P., Meyer, J., Barr Fritcher, E. G., ... Raghunathan, A. (2019). Spinal cord high-grade infiltrating gliomas in adults: clinico-pathological and molecular evaluation.. Mod Pathol. 32(9), 1236-1243.
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Conference Papers1
  • Choudhury, P., Scharf, E., Paolini, M., Graff-Radford, J., Jones, D., Fields, J., ... Boeve, B. (2020). Pick's Disease: Clinicopathologic Characterization of 21 Cases. NEUROLOGY. 94(15),
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