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My lab is interested in understanding the genetic and epigenetic mechanisms that underpin the development and function of the female reproductive tract. We focus on key signaling pathways such as TGF-beta signaling and their interactions in regulating critical events in female reproductive organs during pregnancy. My lab has also created new mouse models to study ovarian and uterine cancer development.

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  • Matzuk, M. M., & Li, Q. (2013). How the oocyte in fluences follicular cell function and why. Oogenesis. (pp. 75-92). Springer London.
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  • Peng, J., Li, Q., & Matzuk, M. M. (2012). Mouse models to identify genes throughout oogenesis. Biology and Pathology of the Oocyte: Role in Fertility, Medicine, and Nuclear Reprogramming, Second Edition. (pp. 73-80). Cambridge University Press.
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