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  • Al-Mashhadani, H., Capareda, S. C., Lacey, R. E., & Fernando, S. D (2020). Catalytic valorization of glycerol for producing biodiesel-compatible biofuel blends. Biofuels. 11(5), 621-635.
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  • King, M. D., Lacey, R. E., Pak, H., Fearing, A., Ramos, G., Baig, T., Smith, B., & Koustova, A. (2020). Assays and enumeration of bioaerosols-traditional approaches to modern practices. Aerosol Science and Technology. 54(5), 611-633.
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  • Beck, S. H., Castillo, A., Kinney, K. A., Zuniga, A., Mohammad, Z., Lacey, R. E., & King, M. D. (2019). Monitoring of Pathogenic Bioaerosols in Beef Slaughter Facilities Based on Air Sampling and Airflow Modeling. Applied Engineering in Agriculture. 35(6), 1015-1036.
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  • Li, H., Wanjura, J. D., Faulkner, W. B., & Lacey, R. E. (2019). Evaluation of Filter Media Options for High Volume PM2.5 Sampling. Applied Engineering in Agriculture. 35(2), 205-209.
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  • Marrone, B. L., Lacey, R. E., Anderson, D. B., Bonner, J., Coons, J., Dale, T., ... Olivares, J. A (2018). Review of the harvesting and extraction program within the National Alliance for Advanced Biofuels and Bioproducts. Algal Research. 33, 470-485.
  • Huang, Y., Whittaker, A. D., & Lacey, R. E. (2001). Automation for food engineering: Food quality quantization and process control.
  • Sweeten, J. M., Parnell, C. B., Auvermann, B. W., Shaw, B. W., & Lacey, R. E (2000). Food and Agricultural Industry: Livestock Feedlots. Davis, W. (Eds.), Air pollution engineering manual. Wiley-Interscience.
Conference Papers53
  • Zhang, H., Lan, Y., Lacey, R., Hoffmann, W. C., & Westbrook, J. K (2011). SPATIAL ANALYSIS OF NDVI READINGS WITH DIFFERENT SAMPLING DENSITIES. TRANSACTIONS OF THE ASABE. 54(1), 349-354.
  • He, C., Jacobo-Velazquez, D. A., Cisneros-Zevallos, L., Lacey, R. E., & Davies, F. T (2010). Effect of Hypobaria and Hypoxia on Photosynthesis, Dark-period Respiration and Growth of Lettuce Plants (Lactuca sativa) in NASA Advanced Life Support Systems (ALS). HORTSCIENCE. 45(8), S274-S275.
  • Jacobo-Velazquez, D. A., He, C., Cisneros-Zevallos, L., Lacey, R. E., & Davies, F. T (2010). Hypobaria and Hypoxia Enhance Phytochemical Production of Lettuce Plants (Lactuca sativa) in NASA Advanced Life Support Systems (ALS). HORTSCIENCE. 45(8), S250-S251.
  • Zhang, H., Lan, Y., Suh, C., Westbrook, J. K., Lacey, R., & Hoffmann, W. C (2010). Spectral properties of crops at different growth stages. American Society of Agricultural and Biological Engineers Annual International Meeting 2010, ASABE 2010. 4, 3052-3065.
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