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David is an entrepreneur, author, philosopher, attorney (retired), and educator whose recent research focuses on the nexus of science, technology, ethics, and public policy. He is the founder and CEO of Encrypgen, LLC.

He has provided commentary regarding ethics, society, religion, and technology on: MSNBC, Fox News Channel, The Guardian, The Washington Times, NPR Radio, Radio Free Europe, Air America, The Atlanta Journal Constitution, and the Associated Press, among others. He has been a tenured Associate Professor of Philosophy at the Delft University of Technology, Faculty of Technology, Policy, and Management in the Netherlands, Visiting Professor at UNAM, Instituto de Filosoficas and the Unidad Posgrado, Mexico, Director of Research and Strategic Initiatives at COMISI?N NACIONAL DE BIO?TICA in Mexico, and Asesor de Rector at UAM Xochimilco. He is a Visiting Assistant Professor at Texas A&M University, Philosophy where he has taught since 2021.

selected publications
Academic Articles12
  • Koepsell, D., & Covarrubias, V. G. (2016). The rise of big data and genetic privacy. Ethics Medicine and Public Health. 2(3), 348-355.
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  • Koepsell, D., Brinkman, W., & Pont, S. (2015). Human Participants in Engineering Research: Notes from a Fledgling Ethics Committee.. Sci Eng Ethics. 21(4), 1033-1048.
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  • Koepsell, D., Brinkman, W., & Pont, S. (2014). Human research ethics committees in technical universities.. J Empir Res Hum Res Ethics. 9(3), 67-73.
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  • Koepsell, D. (2013). Review of Interfaces on Trial 2.0. Studies in Ethics Law and Technology. 7(1),
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  • Koepsell, D. (2015). Who Owns You? Science, Innovation, and the Gene Patent Wars. JOhn Wiley & Sons.
  • Koepsell, D. (2015). Who Owns You? Science, Innovation, and the Gene Patent Wars. JOhn Wiley & Sons.
  • Koepsell, D. (2016). Social Reality, Law, and Justice. The Theory and Practice of Ontology. 79-94. Springer Nature.
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  • Koepsell, D. (2014). Synthetic Biology and IP: How Do Definitions of Products of Nature Affect their Implications for Health?. Synbio and Human Health. 45-53. Springer Nature.
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  • Koepsell, D. (2013). It Is Not Ethical to Patent or Copyright Genes, Embryos, or Their Parts. Caplan, A. L., & Arp, R. (Eds.), Contemporary Debates in Bioethics. 152-162. JOhn Wiley & Sons.
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  • Koepsell, D. (2013). It's Existential: Negative Space and Nothingness in The Ice Storm. Arp, R., Barkman, A., & McRae, J. (Eds.), The Philosophy of Ang Lee. 243-250. University Press of Kentucky.
  • Koepsell, D. (2010). Judeo-Christian values do not motivate people to behave ethically. Espejo, R. (Eds.), Ethics. 78-86. Greenhaven Press.
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