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My research focuses on the following topics: Peopling of the Americas; Geoarchaeology; Late Quaternary history; and Americas and Northeast Asia.

selected publications
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  • Ravesloot, J. C., Darling, J. A., & Waters, M. R. (2009). Hohokam and Pima-Maricopa irrigation agriculturalists: Maladaptive or resilient societies. Fisher, C. T., Hill, J. B., & Feinman, G. M. (Eds.), The Archaeology of Environmental Change: Socionatural Legacies of Degradation and Resilience. (pp. 232-245). University of Arizona Press.
  • Waters, M. R. (2006). Prehistoric human response to landscape change in the American southwest. Doyel, D. E., & Dean, J. S. (Eds.), Environmental change and human adaptation in the ancient American Southwest. (pp. 26-45). Univ of Utah Pr.
  • Waters, M. R. (2004). The role of geoarchaeology in the search for the first Americans. Lepper, B. T., & Bonnichsen, R. (Eds.), New Perspectives on the First Americans. (pp. 187-192). Center for the Study of the First.
  • Waters, M. R. (2003). Dating late Quaternary alluvial stratigraphic sequences. Howard, A. J., Macklin, M. G., & Passmore, D. G. (Eds.), Alluvial Archaeology in Europe. (pp. 305-312). CRC Press.
  • Waters, M. R. (1990). Late Quaternary alluvial stratigraphy and early Holocene archaeology of Whitewater Draw, Arizona. Donahue, J. D., & Lasca, N. P. (Eds.), Archaeological Geology of North America. (pp. 315-322). Geological Society of Amer.
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