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  • Daniels, K. A., Modrow, K., Osburn, W. N., & Taylor, T. M. (2021). Reducing Pathogenic Escherichia coli Surrogates on Fresh Beef Cuts by Water-Reducing Antimicrobial Interventions.. J Food Prot. 84(2), 281-285.
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  • Benson, M. E., Osburn, W. N., Bauer, M., Duff, G. C., Irlbeck, N. A., Looper, M. L., & Rathje, T. A. (2020). Animal science program accreditation? This is the future.. Anim Front. 10(3), 30-35.
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  • Nuez de Gonzlez, M. T., Osburn, W. N., Hardin, M. D., Longnecker, M., Garg, H. K., Bryan, N. S., & Keeton, J. T. (2015). A survey of nitrate and nitrite concentrations in conventional and organic-labeled raw vegetables at retail.. J Food Sci. 80(5), C942-C949.
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  • Yeater, M. C., Kirsch, K. R., Taylor, T. M., Mitchell, J., & Osburn, W. N. (2015). Effectiveness of sanitizing products on controlling selected pathogen surrogates on retail deli slicers.. J Food Prot. 78(4), 707-715.
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  • Haneklaus, A. N., Harris, K. B., Cuervo, M. P., Ilhak, O. I., Lucia, L. M., Castillo, A., ... Savell, J. W. (2012). "Evaluation of Additional Cooking Procedures To Achieve Lethality Microbiological Performance Standards for Large, Intact Meat Products," A Comment on: J. Food Prot. 74(10):1741-1745 (2011) Response. JOURNAL OF FOOD PROTECTION. 75(4), 629-630.
  • Osburn, W. N. (2002). Collagen casings. Protein-Based Films and Coatings. 445-465.
Conference Papers1
  • Meeusen, C., Alocilja, E., & Osburn, W. (2000). Detection of Pathogenic Bacteria in the Pork Industry Chain Using a Surface Plasmon Resonance Biosensor Part 1: Sensor Verification. 2000 ASAE Annual International Meeting, Technical Papers: Engineering Solutions for a New Century. 2, 449-465.
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