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Cell/Developmental Biology. Developmental Genetics. Intracellular differentiation of eukaryotes, especially ciliates. General interests in: intracellular pattern formation and morphogenesis; molecular aspects of gene expression in ciliate protozoa; development of organelles, including intracellular motility and organelle localization. Specific interests in: signal transduction, regulation of cytoskeletal organization, and motility in the social amoeba Dictyostelium; organization, patterning and morphogenesis of surface-related cytoskeletal and membranous structures of ciliates, especially Paramecium; applications of laser optical force trap technology to developmental problems in Paramecium tetraurelia and Tetrahymena thermophila; 2 molecular aspects of serotype gene expression in P. tetraurelia; development of exocytotic organelles (the trichocysts) in P. tetraurelia. General approach involves use of classical and modern light and electron microscopic techniques, integrated with genetic, molecular, mechanical or physiological manipulations of the cells.

selected publications
Academic Articles41
  • Jiang, X., Hernandez, D., Hernandez, C., Ding, Z., Nan, B., Aufderheide, K., & Qin, H (2017). IFT57 stabilizes the assembled intraflagellar transport complex and mediates transport of motility-related flagellar cargo.. 130(5), 879-891.
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  • Zinskie, J. A., Shribak, M., Bruist, M. F., Aufderheide, K. J., & Janetopoulos, C (2015). A mechanical microcompressor for high resolution imaging of motile specimens.. 337(2), 249-256.
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  • Yan, Y., Jiang, L., Aufderheide, K. J., Wright, G. A., Terekhov, A., Costa, L., ... Janetopoulos, C (2014). A microfluidic-enabled mechanical microcompressor for the immobilization of live single- and multi-cellular specimens.. 20(1), 141-151.
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  • Srinivasan, K., Wright, G. A., Hames, N., Housman, M., Roberts, A., Aufderheide, K. J., & Janetopoulos, C (2013). Delineating the core regulatory elements crucial for directed cell migration by examining folic-acid-mediated responses.. 126(Pt 1), 221-233.
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  • Cole, E. S., Stuart, K. R., Marsh, T. C., Aufderheide, K., & Ringlien, W (2002). Confocal fluorescence microscopy for Tetrahymena thermophila.. Elsevier.
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  • Aufderheide, K. J., & Janetopoulos, C (2016). Migration of Dictyostelium discoideum to the Chemoattractant Folic Acid.. Methods Mol Biol. Methods in Molecular Biology. 25-39. Springer New York.
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  • Aufderheide, K. J. (2013). Paramecium Molecular Evolution. Brenner's Encyclopedia of Genetics. 219-221. Elsevier.
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Conference Papers2
  • Janetopoulos, C., & Aufderheide, K. J. (1998). The conjusome, a novel organelle in the ciliate tetrahymena thermophila. 198(1), 213-213.
  • Janetopoulos, C., Cole, E., Smothers, J., Allis, D., & Aufderheide, K. J. (1997). The conjusome: A novel organelle in Tetrahymena harboring the chromodomain protein Pdd1p. 186(2), B268-B268.
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