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Academic Articles205
  • Thornberry, R., Frohaug, G., LaFontaine, C., Tallman, B., Behne, A., Sellers, S., Sadler, M., & Allen, R. E. (2021). Present and potential future experimental evidence supporting a multicomponent dark matter scenario. The European Physical Journal Special Topics. 230(4), 1121-1130.
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  • Thornberry, R., Throm, M., Frohaug, G., Killough, J., Blend, D., Erickson, M., ... Allen, R. E. (2021). Experimental signatures of a new dark matter WIMP. EPL (Europhysics Letters). 134(4), 49001-49001.
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  • Lidström, S., & Allen, R. E. (2021). Toward a physics description of consciousness. The European Physical Journal Special Topics. 230(4), 1081-1087.
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  • Alexander, G., Allen, R. E., Atala, A., Bowen, W. P., Coley, A. A., Goodenough, J. B., ... Lidström, S. (2020). The sounds of science—a symphony for many instruments and voices. Physica Scripta. 95(6), 062501-062501.
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Conference Papers40
  • Allen, R. E. (2019). An alternative to string theory. Journal of Physics: Conference Series. 1275(1), 012022-012022.
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  • Lidström, S., & Allen, R. E. (2019). Consciousness as the collective excitation of a brainwide web – understanding consciousness from below quantum fields to above neuronal networks. Journal of Physics: Conference Series. 1275(1), 012021-012021.
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  • Allen, R. E. (2016). Electronic and structural response of materials to fast intense laser pulses, including light-induced superconductivity. SPIE Proceedings, SPIE Defense + Security. 9835, 98351j-98351j-11.
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  • Stenzel, J., Kroll, J., Lei, M., & Allen, R. E. (2015). Production mechanisms for predicted new higgs-related spin 1/2 particles. Proceedings of Science. 22-29-July-2015,
  • Lidstrm, S., & Allen, R. E. (2015). Their Higgs numbers - Inspiration for young people around the world. Proceedings of Science. 22-29-July-2015,
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