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  • Do, J., Chuang, W., & Chang, K. (2020). Oil droplet sizing and velocity determination using a fiber-optic reflectometer. Measurement Science and Technology. 31(6), 065301-065301.
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  • Chuang, W., Chang, K., Kaihatu, J., Cienfuegos, R., & Mokrani, C. (2020). Experimental study of force, pressure, and fluid velocity on a simplified coastal building under tsunami bore impact. Natural Hazards. 103(1), 1093-1120.
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  • Kim, J., Kaihatu, J., Chang, K., Sun, S., Huff, T. P., & Feagin, R. A. (2020). Effect of Cold Front‐Induced Waves Along Wetlands Boundaries. Journal of Geophysical Research - Oceans. 125(12),
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  • Na, B., Chang, K., & Lim, H. (2020). Flow kinematics and air entrainment under laboratory spilling breaking waves. J. FLUID MECH.. 882, a15.
  • Hsu, W., Huang, Z., Na, B., Chang, K., Chuang, W., & Yang, R. (2019). Laboratory Observation of Turbulence and Wave Shear Stresses Under Large Scale Breaking Waves Over a Mild Slope. Journal of Geophysical Research - Oceans. 124(11), 7486-7512.
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Conference Papers41
  • Kordmahale, S. B., Do, J., Chang, K., & Kameoka, J. (2019). Low Cost and Piezoelectric based Soft Wave Energy Harvester. AMORPHOUS AND NANOCRYSTALLINE SILICON SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY- 2004. 4(15), 889-895.
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  • Chuang, W., Chang, K., & Mercier, R. (2018). Green Water Flow on a Fixed Model Structure in a Large Wave Basin Under Random Waves. PROCEEDINGS OF THE ASME 38TH INTERNATIONAL CONFERENCE ON OCEAN, OFFSHORE AND ARCTIC ENGINEERING, 2019, VOL 2. 7B, v07bt06a018-v07bt06a018.
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  • Wu, Y., & Chang, K. (2016). Experimental Study of Breaking Wave Impinging and Overtopping a Deck Structure. 7, v007t06a037-v007t06a037.
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