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My research focuses on Laser processing with ultrahigh speed pulsed laser, Chemical analysis with laser induced plasma, Nanomaterial generation with laser ablation, and Nanoscale energy and mass transport with near field effects.

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  • Wen, S., Bhaskar, A., & Zhang, H. (2018). Scanning digital lithography providing high speed large area patterning with diffraction limited sub-micron resolution. JOURNAL OF MICROMECHANICS AND MICROENGINEERING. 28(7), 075011-075011.
  • Wen, S., Ly, K., Bhaskar, A., Schmidt, M. S., & Thomas, R. J. (2017). Direct numerical simulation of the initial stage of a thermally induced microcavitation in a water-rich biotissue triggered by a nanosecond pulsed laser.. J Biomed Opt. 22(5), 56002-056002.
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  • Wen, S., Sundaram, V. M., McBride, D., & Yang, Y. u. (2016). Low-cost, high-precision micro-lensed optical fiber providing deep-micrometer to deep-nanometer-level light focusing.. Opt Lett. 41(8), 1793-1796.
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  • Sundaram, V. M., & Wen, S. (2014). Nanoscale high-intensity light focusing with pure dielectric nonspherical scatterer.. Opt Lett. 39(3), 582-585.
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  • Sundaram, V. M., & Wen, S. (2014). Analysis of deep sub-micron resolution in microsphere based imaging. APPLIED PHYSICS LETTERS. 105(20), 204102-204102.
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Conference Papers4
  • Yang, Y. u., Sundaram, V. M., Soni, A., & Wen, S. (2013). Laser induced nano-droplet ejection for the construction of nano-inkjets. PROCEEDINGS OF THE ASME INTERNATIONAL MECHANICAL ENGINEERING CONGRESS AND EXPOSITION - 2012, VOL 7, PTS A-D, Volume 7: Fluids and Heat Transfer, Parts A, B, C, and D. 7(PARTS A, B, C, D), 679-684.
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  • Sundaram, V. M., & Wen, S. (2012). Nanoscale direct patterning with a combination of micro zone plates and pulsed light sources. PROCEEDINGS OF THE ASME INTERNATIONAL MECHANICAL ENGINEERING CONGRESS AND EXPOSITION - 2010, VOL 7, PTS A AND B, Volume 7: Fluid Flow, Heat Transfer and Thermal Systems, Parts A and B. 7(PARTS A AND B), 67-76.
  • Sundaram, V. M., & Wen, S. (2009). Characteristics of Nanopatterns and the Associated Thermal Mechanisms During Near Field Laser-Material Interaction of Nanosecond Laser on Different Targets. HT2009: PROCEEDINGS OF THE ASME SUMMER HEAT TRANSFER, VOL 3, Volume 3: Combustion, Fire and Reacting Flow; Heat Transfer in Multiphase Systems; Heat Transfer in Transport Phenomena in Manufacturing and Materials Processing; Heat and Mass Transfer in Biotechnology; Low Temperature Heat Transfer; Environmental Heat Transfer; Heat Transfer Education; Visualization of Heat Transfer. 3, 631-638.
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  • Mao, X., Zeng, X., Wen, S., & Russo, R. E. (2005). Time-resolved plasma properties for double pulsed laser-induced breakdown spectroscopy of silicon. Spectrochimica Acta Part B Atomic Spectroscopy. 60(7-8), 960-967.
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