The hallmark of my research career is the development of novel antibodies and applying them toward the development of new immuno-biotechnological tools. My lab has developed an antibody discovery platform in chickens that goes from in silico sequence to epitope-specific chicken IgG (IgY) in less than 3 weeks based on in vivo CD40-targeted immunogen delivery.

Research projects include the study of the immune response in the chicken, especially the function of CD40-positive antigen presenting cells (such as the dendritic cells) in activating the humoral immune response and the development of chicken egg yolk antibodies, monoclonal antibodies and recombinant antibodies for diagnostic, prophylactic and therapeutic purposes. a Dr. Berghman was the recipient of the 2016 Zoetis Fundamental Science Award.

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  • Zhao, D., Farnell, M. B., Kogut, M. H., Genovese, K. J., Chapkin, R. S., Davidson, L. A., Berghman, L. R., & Farnell, Y. Z. (2022). From crypts to enteroids: establishment and characterization of avian intestinal organoids. Poultry Science. 101(3), 101642-101642.
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  • Chockalingam, K., Peng, Z., Vuong, C. N., Berghman, L. R., & Chen, Z. (2020). Golden Gate assembly with a bi-directional promoter (GBid): A simple, scalable method for phage display Fab library creation.. Sci Rep. 10(1), 2888.
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  • Vuong, C. N., Chou, W., & Berghman, L. R. (2019). CD205-positive, Sepharose-induced peritoneal exudate cells: a new resource for DC research in the chicken.. Vet Res Commun. 43(2), 115-122.
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Conference Papers11
  • Jianhan Lin, .., Lum, J., Ronghui Wang, .., Tung, S., Hargis, B., Yanbin Li, .., Huaguang Lu, .., & Berghman, L. (2010). A portable impedance biosensor instrument for rapid detection of avian influenza virus. 2010 IEEE Sensors, 2010 Ninth IEEE Sensors Conference (SENSORS 2010). 1558-1563.
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  • Wells, K., He, K., Pandey, A., Cabello, A., Zhang, D., Yang, J., ... de Figueiredo, P. (2021). Diverse pathogens activate the host RIDD pathway to subvert BLOS1-directed immune defense.
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