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My goal is to help organizations--commercial and humanitarian--respond to the challenges brought by conflicts and urban disasters. I study how armed conflicts affect operational performance (e.g., productivity, efficiency); how people (e.g., aid workers, physicians, managers) respond to challenges such as unsafe work conditions, scarce resources, workplace interruptions, and higher workloads; and how workers' responses (e.g., multitasking, collaboration, peer learning) affect operational performance. I peruse how by using inventory, cash, and information sharing, organizations respond to war-related disruptions and Mass Casualty Incidents.

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Academic Articles4
  • Jola‐Sanchez, A. F (2022). How does warfare affect firms' productivity?. Production and Operations Management.
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  • Jola-Sanchez, A. F., & Serpa, J. C (2021). Inventory in Times of War. Management Science. (10), 6479.
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  • Jola-Sanchez, A. F., Pedraza-Martinez, A. J., Bretthauer, K. M., & Britto, R. A (2016). Effect of armed conflicts on humanitarian operations: Total factor productivity and efficiency of rural hospitals. Journal of Operations Management. (1), 73-85.
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  • Tatikonda, M. V., Helm, J., Mills, A., Courtney, B., & Jola-Sanchez, A (2015). Operational Coordination of Autonomous Healthcare Services in Urban Disasters. Academy of Management Proceedings. 2015(1), 18913-18913.
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