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  • Kuchment, P., & Zhao, J. (2019). Analyticity of the spectrum and Dirichlet-to-Neumann operator technique for quantum graphs. Journal of Mathematical Physics. 60(9), 093502-093502.
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  • Egorov, Y. V., Komech, A. I., Kuchment, P. A., Lakshtanov, E. L., Maz'ya, V. G., Molchanov, S. A., Novikov, R. G., & Freidlin, M. I. (2019). Boris Rufimovich Vainberg (on his 80th birthday). Russian Mathematical Surveys. 74(1), 181-186.
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  • Terzioglu, F., Kuchment, P., & Kunyansky, L. (2018). Compton camera imaging and the cone transform: a brief overview. INVERSE PROBLEMS. 34(5), 054002-054002.
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  • Auckly, D., & Kuchment, P. (2018). On Parseval frames of exponentially decaying composite Wannier functions. MATHEMATICAL STUDIES ON HUMAN DISEASE DYNAMICS: EMERGING PARADIGMS AND CHALLENGES. 717, 227-240.
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  • Buchstaber, V. M., Kuchment, P. A., Novikov, S. P., & Semenov, E. M. (2018). To the memory of Selim Grigor'evich Krein (1917-1998). Russian Mathematical Surveys. 73(1), 187-190.
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  • Kuchment, P. (2014). The radon transform and medical imaging. SIAM.
  • Berkolaiko, G., & Kuchment, P. (2013). Introduction to Quantum Graphs. American Mathematical Soc..
  • Kuchment, P. (1993). Floquet theory for partial differential equations. Birkhauser.
  • Xu, Y., Wang, L. V., Ambartsoumian, G., & Kuchment, P. (2017). Limited view thermoacoustic tomography. Photoacoustic Imaging and Spectroscopy. (pp. 61-73). CRC Press.
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