An executive professional with more than twenty-four years of industry experience building organizational capability. Has a demonstrated leadership style that facilitates performance from all levels within an organization and an aptitude to develop and implement high yield strategic plans which focus on growth.

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  • Goodwin Jr., H. L., Capps Jr., O., Watkins, S., Eagleson, C., Karges, K., Springfield, C., & Shearer, N. (2016). Poultry diets compared for gross margin improvement. Feedstuffs. 88(03), 20-21.
  • Capps Jr., O., Goodwin Jr., H. L., Burns, L., Karges, K., Springfield, C., & Shearer, N. (2016). Value of feed ingredient characteristics evaluated. Feedstuffs. 88(04), 34-35.
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Texas A&M University; Agricultural Economics; 2124 TAMU
College Station, TX 77843-2124