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  • Rhykerd, R., Tudor, K., Wiegand, B., Kingman, D. M., & Morrish, D. (2006). Enhancing Experiential Learning through a Hands-on Crop Production and Marketing Contest. 50(4), 25-30.
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  • Kingman, D. M., Yoder, A. M., Hodge, N. S., Ortega, R., & Field, W. E. (2005). Utilizing expert panels in agricultural safety and health research.. 11(1), 61-74.
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  • Kingman, D. M., Spaulding, A. D., & Field, W. E. (2004). Predicting the potential of engulfment using an on-farm grain storage hazard assessment tool.. 10(4), 237-245.
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  • Kingman, D. M., Deboy, G. R., & Field, W. E. (2003). Contributing Factors to Engulfments in On-Farm Grain Storage Bins. 9(1), 39-63.
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