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I have research interests in Group theory (groups generated by nite automata, self-similar and branch groups; hyperbolic groups);

Dynamical systems (hyperbolic dynamics; holomorphic dynamics; groups, inverse semigroups and groupoids acting on the Cantor set); Operator algebras (algebras associated to self-similar group actions, hyperbolic dynamical systems and tilings).

selected publications
Academic Articles46
  • Chornyi, M., Juschenko, K., & Nekrashevych, V. (2020). On topological full groups of $mathbb Z^d$-actions. GROUPS GEOMETRY AND DYNAMICS. 14(1), 61-79.
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  • NEKRASHEVYCH, V. (2019). Simple groups of dynamical origin. ERGODIC THEORY AND DYNAMICAL SYSTEMS. 39(3), 707-732.
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  • Nekrashevych, V. (2018). Book Review: Metric geometry of locally compact groups. BULLETIN OF THE AMERICAN MATHEMATICAL SOCIETY. 56(1), 165-169.
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  • Nekrashevych, V. (2018). Palindromic subshifts and simple periodic groups of intermediate growth. The Annals of Mathematics. 187(3), 667-719.
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  • Artamonov, V., Artemovych, O., Bahturin, Y., Banakh, T., Bartholdi, L., Bezushchak, O., ... Zhuchok, Y. (2017). Vitaliy sushchansky. Algebra and Discrete Mathematics. 23(2),
  • Nekrashevych, V. (2005). Self-Similar Groups. American Mathematical Society.
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  • Nekrashevych, V. (2009). Combinatorics of Polynomial Iterations. Complex Dynamics. (pp. 169-214). A K Peters/CRC Press.
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  • Nekrashevych, V. (2009). Combinatorics of polynomial iterations volodymyr nekrashevych. Complex Dynamics: Families and Friends. (pp. 169-214).
  • Nekrashevych, V., & Sidki, S. (2004). Automorphisms of the binary tree: state-closed subgroups and dynamics of 1/2-endomorphisms. Groups. (pp. 375-404). Cambridge University Press.
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  • Bartholdi, L., Grigorchuk, R., & Nekrashevych, V. (2003). From Fractal Groups to Fractal Sets. Grabner, P., & Woess, W. (Eds.), Fractals in Graz 2001. (pp. 25-118). Birkhäuser Basel.
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  • Nekrashevych, V. V., & Sushchansky, V. I. (2000). On Confinal Dynamics of Rooted Tree Automorphisms. Robertson, E., Howie, J., Atkinson, M., Gilbert, N., & Linton, S. (Eds.), Computational and Geometric Aspects of Modern Algebra. (pp. 229-245). Cambridge University Press.
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Conference Papers3
  • Nekrashevych, V., & Teplyaev, A. (2008). Groups and analysis on fractals. SPECTRAL GEOMETRY. 77, 143-180.
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  • Nekrashevych, V. (2008). Symbolic Dynamics and Self-similar Groups. Fields Institute Communications. 53, 25-73.
  • Nekrashevych, V. (2007). A minimal Cantor set in the space of 3-generated groups. GEOMETRIAE DEDICATA. 124(1), 153-190.
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