Mykoniatis, Nikolaos individual record
Instructional Assistant Professor
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Academic Articles4
  • Mykoniatis, N., & Ready, R. (2020). Evaluating habitat-fishery interactions: Submerged aquatic vegetation and blue crab fishery in the Chesapeake Bay. Resources and Environmental Economics. 2(2), 207-217.
  • Alisha, F., Davlasheridze, M., & Mykoniatis, N. (2020). Socioeconomic drivers of marine debris in North America.. Mar Environ Res. 160, 105042-105042.
  • Mykoniatis, N., & Ready, R. (2020). The potential contribution of oyster management to water quality goals in the Chesapeake Bay. WATER RESOURCES AND ECONOMICS. 32, 100167-100167.
  • Mykoniatis, N., & Ready, R. (2016). Spatial Harvest Regimes for a Sedentary Fishery. ENVIRONMENTAL & RESOURCE ECONOMICS. 65(2), 357-387.
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