The Systems Plant Physiology program is developing crops with enhanced nutritional qualities and identifying new methods to improve environmental attributes. This program focuses on plant biology and its integrations with micro and macro environments, utilizing physiological, molecular, or metabolic traits to understand associated biological processes. Our broad goal is developing crop varieties with enhanced crop productivity, nutritional qualities and tolerance to abiotic stresses for greater adaptability. The critical areas of research we focus on are: Nitrogen use efficiency, nitrogen sensing, transport and assimilation, Molecular and genetic aspects of plant metabolism.

selected publications
Academic Articles23
  • Cañarejo-Antamba, M. A., Bañuelos-Taváres, O., Reyes-Trejo, B., Espinosa-Solares, T., Joshi, V., & Guerra-Ramírez, D (2021). Comparison of nutritional and nutraceutical properties of Chenopodium quinoa cultivated in Mexico and Ecuador. Chilean journal of agricultural research. 81(4), 507-517.
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  • Joshi, V., Nimmakayala, P., Song, Q., Abburi, V., Natarajan, P., Levi, A., Crosby, K., & Reddy, U. K (2021). Genome-wide association study and population structure analysis of seed-bound amino acids and total protein in watermelon. PeerJ. 9, e12343-e12343.
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  • Alves, F. M., Joshi, M., Djidonou, D., Joshi, V., Gomes, C. N., & Leskovar, D. I (2021). Physiological and Biochemical Responses of Tomato Plants Grafted onto Solanum pennellii and Solanum peruvianum under Water-Deficit Conditions. Plants. 10(11), 2236-2236.
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  • Song, Q., Joshi, M., Wang, S., Johnson, C. D., & Joshi, V (2021). Comparative Analysis of Root Transcriptome Profiles of Sesame (Sesamum indicum L.) in Response to Osmotic Stress. Journal of Plant Growth Regulation. 40(4), 1787-1801.
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  • Joshi, V., Penalosa, A., Joshi, M., & Rodriguez, S (2021). Regulation of Oxalate Metabolism in Spinach Revealed by RNA-Seq-Based Transcriptomic Analysis.. Int J Mol Sci. 22(10), 5294-5294.
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Conference Papers5
  • Mishra, A. K., Song, Q., Andres, S., Joshi, M., & Joshi, V (2019). Developing Strategies for Mitigating the Impacts of Freezing on Olive Production in Texas. HORTSCIENCE. 54(9), S119-S119.
  • Kandel, D., Joshi, V., Crosby, K., & Avila, C. A (2019). Phenotypic and Genetic Diversity of Texas A&M AgriLife Tomato Breeding Lines. HORTSCIENCE. 54(9), S279-S280.
  • Joshi, V., Joshi, M., Silwal, D., & Noonan, K (2018). Metabolic and Molecular Regulation of Citrulline Biosynthesis In Watermelon. HORTSCIENCE. 53(9), S500-S500.
  • Joshi, V., Silwal, D., & Leskovar, D (2017). Regulation of Citrulline Metabolism in Watermelon. HORTSCIENCE. 52(9), S70-S71.
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