Fearless on the Scholarly Communications Front: How the Texas A&M Libraries Subject Specialists are Making Impact | Repository Documents / Preprints individual record

The Texas A&M University subject librarians have been leading new liaison activities, many with the support of the library's Office of Scholarly Communications department. These activities include flipping classrooms from print textbooks to open access textbooks, creating a library-wide open access policy, showing the value of open data, and helping faculty to identify their scholarly narratives. The presentation discusses the subject librarian roles in each of these areas, identifies both barriers and successes for each initiative, and delineates the outputs and impacts.

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Jackson, C. S., Sullivan, T. D., Budzise-Weaver, T., Kimball, R., & Halling, T. D.
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  • Subject Librarian
  • Liaison
  • Scholarly Narrative
  • Open Data
  • Scholarly Communications
  • Open Access