Dr. Vanegas research and education interests are in creativity, innovation, design thinking and entrepreneurship; built environment sustainability at urban, civil infrastructure systems, facilities, and housing scales; advanced strategies, tools, and methods for integrated capital asset delivery and management; design/construction integration, constructability programs, and advanced modularization technologies; and undergraduate, graduate, service learning, continuing education, and technology transfer curricula and program development.

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  • Vanegas, J. A. (2012). A transdisciplinary, transinstitutional, and transnational integrative framework for high quality and performance, Affordable, and sustainable housing. International Journal for Housing Science and Its Applications. 36(2), 73-82.
  • Vanegas, J. A. (2003). Road Map and Principles for Built Environment Sustainability. Environmental Science and Technology. 37(23), 5363-5372.
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  • Reyna, S. M., Delleur, J. W., & Vanegas, J. A. (1994). Multi-attribute rehabilitation of storm or combined sewer systems.
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