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  • Caffey, S. M., & Campagnol, G (2015). Dis/Solution: Lina Bo Bardi’s Museu de Arte de São Paulo. Journal of Conservation and Museum Studies. 13(1), art.-5.
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  • Campagnol, G., & Shepley, M. M (2014). Positive distraction and the rehabilitation hospitals of joão filgueiras lima.. HERD. 8(1), 199-227.
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  • Campagnol, G (2014). Post-industrial sites as canvas. A + U-Architecture and Urbanism. (521), 70-75.
  • Campagnol, G., Caffey, S., Clayton, M. J., Glowacki, K., Klein, N., Kang, J., & Booth, G. (2020). Unreal Projects: Using Immersive Visualization to Learn About Distant and Historical Locales. Digital Cities: Between History and Archaeology. 279-298. Oxford University Press.
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Campagnol Abuabara
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Texas A&M University; Architecture; 3137 TAMU
College Station, TX 77843-3137