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Dr. Amanda Stronza is an environmental anthropologist and professional photographer with 30 years of research and conservation work in the Amazon, southern Africa, and other parts of the tropics. She is a Professor in the Departments of Ecology and Conservation Biology, and Rangeland, Wildlife, and Fisheries Management, and she co-directs the Applied Biodiversity Science Program at Texas A&M University. She co-founded Ecoexist, a non-profit organization in Botswana, aimed at fostering coexistence between people and elephants. Her long-term work in the Amazon has focused on community-based conservation, understanding and documenting local incentives for stewarding wildlife and forests.

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  • Petriello, M. A., & Stronza, A. L. (2020). Campesino hunting and conservation in Latin America. Conservation Biology. 34(2), 338-353.
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  • Vogel, S. M., Lambert, B., Songhurst, A. C., McCulloch, G. P., Stronza, A. L., & Coulson, T. (2020). Exploring movement decisions: Can Bayesian movement‐state models explain crop consumption behaviour in elephants (Loxodonta africana)?. Journal of Animal Ecology. 89(4), 1055-1068.
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  • Stronza, A. L., Hunt, C. A., & Fitzgerald, L. A. (2019). Ecotourism for Conservation?. Annual Review of Environment and Resources. 44(1), 1-25.
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  • Buchholtz, E., Fitzgerald, L., Songhurst, A., McCulloch, G., & Stronza, A. (2019). Overlapping landscape utilization by elephants and people in the Western Okavango Panhandle: implications for conflict and conservation. Landscape Ecology. 34(6), 1411-1423.
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  • Hofman, M., Hayward, M. W., Heim, M., Marchand, P., Rolandsen, C. M., Mattisson, J., ... Balkenhol, N. (2019). Right on track? Performance of satellite telemetry in terrestrial wildlife research. PLoS ONE. 14(5), e0216223-e0216223.
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  • Stronza, A., & Durham, W. H. (2008). Ecotourism and conservation in the Americas. CABI.
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  • Stronza, A. L., Hunt, C. A., & Fitzgerald, L. A. (2019). Ecotourism for Conservation?. ANNUAL REVIEW OF ENVIRONMENT AND RESOURCES, VOL 44. 229-253. Annual Reviews.
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  • Stronza, A. L. (2016). Anthropology Applied: Global ecotourism and local indigenous culture in Bolivia. Haviland, W. A., Prins, H., McBride, B., & Walrath, D. (Eds.), Cultural Anthropology: The Human Challenge. 188-188. Cengage Learning.
  • Stronza, A. (2009). Hosts and Hosts: the Anthropology of Community‐Based Ecotourism in the Peruvian Amazon. Tourism and Applied Anthropologists. 170-190. Blackwell Publishing Ltd..
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  • Mbaiwa, J. E., & Stronza, A. L. (2009). The Challenges and Prospects for Sustainable Tourism and Ecotourism in Developing Countries. The SAGE Handbook of Tourism Studies. 334-354.
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  • Mbaiwa, J. E., & Stronza, A. L. (2009). The challenges and prospects for sustainable tourism and ecotourism in developing countries. The SAGE Handbook of Tourism Studies. 333-353. SAGE Publications Ltd.
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Conference Papers1
  • de Vasconcellos Pegas, F., & Stronza, A. (2010). Ecotourism and sea turtle harvesting in a fishing village of Bahia, Brazil. Conservation and Society. 8(1), 15-25.
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