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My Interface Ecology Lab develops human-centered systems that amalgamate design, algorithms, semantics, software, and hardware. In conjunction with computing, we synthesize methods from art, design, psychology, and sociology.

I create provocative dynamics of thought, emotion, and participation in and around information environments, tools, installations, and performances. This opens the range of expressive, creative, and social processes embodied by computational artifacts, developing interactivity in terms beyond efficiency: ideation, play, participation, and delight.

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  • Webb, A. M., Kerne, A., Linder, R., Lupfer, N., Qu, Y., Keith, K., Carrasco, M., & Chen, Y. (2016). A Free-Form Medium for Curating the Digital. Springer Series on Cultural Computing. (pp. 73-87). Springer International Publishing.
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  • Smith, S. M., Linsey, J. S., & Kerne, A. (2011). Using Evolved Analogies to Overcome Creative Design Fixation. Taura, T., & Nagai, Y. (Eds.), Design Creativity 2010. (pp. 35-39). Springer London.
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  • Smith, S. M., Kerne, A., Koh, E., & Shah, J. (2009). The Development and Evaluation of Tools for Creativity. Markman, A. B., & Wood, K. L. (Eds.), Tools for Innovation. (pp. 128-152). Oxford University Press.
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