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  • Childress, L. B., & Jacobsen, S. D (2017). High-pressure high-temperature Raman spectroscopy of kerogen: Relevance to subducted organic carbon. American Mineralogist. 102(2), 391-403.
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  • Kuehl, S. A., Alexander, C. R., Blair, N. E., Harris, C. K., Marsaglia, K. M., Ogston, A. S., ... Walsh, J. P (2016). A source-to-sink perspective of the Waipaoa River margin. Earth-Science Reviews. 153, 301-334.
  • Gulick, S., Jaeger, J. M., Mix, A. C., Asahi, H., Bahlburg, H., Belanger, C. L., ... Swartz, J. M. (2015). Mid-Pleistocene climate transition drives net mass loss from rapidly uplifting St. Elias Mountains, Alaska.. Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A. 112(49), 15042-15047.
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  • Jaeger, J. M., Gulick, S. S., Levay, L. J., Slagle, A. L., Drab, L., Asahi, H., ... Werts, K. (2014). Southern alaska margin interactions of tectonics, climate, and sedimentation. Integrated Ocean Drilling Program: Preliminary Reports. (341), 1-192.
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  • Leithold, E. L., Blair, N. E., Childress, L. B., Brulet, B. R., Marden, M., Orpin, A. R., Kuehl, S. A., & Alexander, C. R (2013). Signals of watershed change preserved in organic carbon buried on the continental margin seaward of the Waipaoa River, New Zealand. Marine Geology. 346, 355-365.
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