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Dr. Howard's research interests include the examination of epidemiologic patterns of health outcomes that disproportionately affect African Americans; minority health and health disparities; health policy and health services.

selected publications
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  • Bruce, M. A., Bowie, J. V., Beech, B. M., Norris, K. C., LaVeist, T. A., Howard, D. L., & Thorpe, R. J. (2021). Church Attendance and Mobility Limitation Among Black and White Men With Prostate Cancer.. Am J Mens Health. 15(1), 1557988321993560-155798832199356.
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  • Guerrero, E. G., Alibrahim, A., Howard, D. L., Wu, S., & D'Aunno, T. (2020). Stability in a large drug treatment system: Examining the role of program size and performance on service discontinuation.. Int J Drug Policy. 86, 102948-102948.
  • Guerrero, E., Ober, A. J., Howard, D. L., Khachikian, T., Kong, Y., van Deen, W. K., ... Menchine, M. (2020). Organizational factors associated with practitioners' support for treatment of opioid use disorder in the emergency department.. Addict Behav. 102, 106197-106197.
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  • Adimora, A. A., Goldmon, M. V., Coyne-Beasley, T., Ramirez, C. B., Thompson, G. A., Ellis, D., ... Godley, P. A (2019). Black Pastors' Views on preaching about sex: barriers, facilitators, and opportunities for HIV prevention messaging.. Ethn Health. 24(5), 560-574.
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  • Ross, L. E., Hall, I. J., Howard, D. L., Rim, S. H., & Richardson, L. C (2018). Primary Care Physicians Beliefs about Prostate-Specific Antigen Evidence Uncertainty, Screening Efficacy, and Test Use.. J Natl Med Assoc. 110(5), 491-500.
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  • Thorpe, R. J., Bruce, M. A., Howard, D. L., & LaVeist, T. A. (2020). Race differences in mobility status among prostate cancer survivors: The role of socioeconomic status.. Advances in Cancer Research. Cancer Health Equity Research. 103-114. Elsevier.
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