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My research interests span the fields of structural dynamics and earthquake engineering, and multi-hazard performance-based design for system functionality and community resilience. Through these areas, my research focuses on developing sustainable structural systems and hazard-resistant communities accounting for economic and social aspects. Ultimate goal is to contribute to the well-being of communities by developing novel resilient structural designs and systems against various natural and man-made hazards, and formulating fundamental mathematical frameworks to assess system functionality and community resilience under multiple hazards.

selected publications
Academic Articles26
  • Aghababaei, M., Okamoto, C., Koliou, M., Nagae, T., Pantelides, C. P., Ryan, K. L., ... Dashti, S. (2021). Full-Scale Shake Table Test Damage Data Collection Using Terrestrial Laser-Scanning Techniques. Journal of Structural Engineering. 147(3), 04020356-04020356.
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  • Mohammadgholibeyki, N., Nazari, F., Venkatraj, V., Koliou, M., Yan, W., Dixit, M., & Sideris, P. (2021). A decision-making framework for life-cycle energy and seismic loss assessment of buildings. Structure and Infrastructure Engineering. 1-15.
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  • Jalilifar, E., Koliou, M., & Pang, W. (2021). Experimental and Numerical Characterization of Monotonic and Cyclic Performance of Cross-Laminated Timber Dowel-Type Connections. Journal of Structural Engineering. 147(7),
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  • Lawson, J., & Koliou, M. (2020). Evaluating second-order effects in rigid wall-flexible roof diaphragm buildings. Earthquake Spectra. 36(4), 1864-1885.
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  • Aghababaei, M., Koliou, M., Pilkington, S., Mahmoud, H., van de Lindt, J. W., Curtis, A., ... Watson, M. (2020). Validation of Time-Dependent Repair Recovery of the Building Stock Following the 2011 Joplin Tornado. Natural Hazards Review. 21(4), 04020038-04020038.
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  • Wang, W., van de Lindt, J. W., Cutler, H., Rosenheim, N., Koliou, M., Lee, J. S., & Calderon, D. (2021). Community resilience assessment of an EF-5 tornado using the IN-CORE modeling environment. Life-Cycle Civil Engineering: Innovation, Theory and Practice. 394-398. CRC Press.
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Conference Papers8
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  • Deniz, D., Sutley, E. J., Van De Lindt, J. W., Peacock, W. G., Rosenheim, N., Gu, D., ... Hamideh, S. (2019). Flood performance and dislocation assessment for Lumberton homes after Hurricane Matthew.
  • Van De Lindt, J. W., Mahmoud, H., Pilkington, S., Koliou, M., Attary, N., Cutler, H., ... Lee, J. S. (2019). Validating interdependent community resilience modeling using hindcasting.
  • Lindt, J., Attary, N., Mahmoud, H., Pilkington, S., Koliou, M., Cutler, H., ... Lee, J. S. (2018). Hindcasting Validation of a Resilience Computational Environment Architecture: Community Level Damage Assessment following the 2011 Joplin, Missouri Tornado. 513-518.
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  • Lawson, J., Kelly, D. J., Koliou, M., & Filiatrault, A. (2014). Development of seismic design methodologies for rigid wall-flexible diaphragm structures.
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