My research focuses on the study of nonlinear and stochastic dynamics of ships and marine structures.

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  • Falzarano, J. M., Su, Z., Jamnongpipatkul, A., & Somayajula, A. (2019). Solving the Problem of Nonlinear Ship Roll Motion Using Stochastic Dynamics. Contemporary Ideas on Ship Stability. (pp. 423-435). Springer International Publishing.
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  • Falzarano, J. M., Clague, R. E., & Kota, R. S. (2001). Application of Nonlinear Normal Mode Analysis to the Nonlinear and Coupled Dynamics of a Floating Offshore Platform with Damping. Vakakis, A. F. (Eds.), Normal Modes and Localization in Nonlinear Systems. (pp. 255-274). Springer Netherlands.
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  • Falzarano, J. M. (1993). Naval Architecture. Magill, F. N. (Eds.), Magill's Survey of Science Applied science series. (pp. 1764-1772). Salem Press.
  • Falzarano, J., Steindl, A., Troesch, A., & Troger, H. (1991). Rolling Motion of Ships Treated as Bifurcation Problem. Seydel, R., Schneider, F. W., Küpper, T., & Troger, H. (Eds.), Bifurcation and Chaos: Analysis, Algorithms, Applications. (pp. 117-121). Birkhäuser Basel.
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