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  • Weiss, A. G., Butt, M. I., Tsvetkov, P. V., Kimber, M. L., & McDeavitt, S. M. (2021). A novel method for the design and selection of neutron-attenuating media. Annals of Nuclear Energy. 160, 108368-108368.
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  • Einkauf, J. D., Ortega, L. H., McDeavitt, S. M., & Burns, J. D. (2020). Ion-Exchange Kinetics of Alpha-Zirconium Phosphate Nanoplatelets for Application in Targeted Alpha Therapy. Solvent Extraction and Ion Exchange. 38(6), 612-628.
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  • Ortega, L. H., Blamer, B., Stern, K. M., Vollmer, J., & McDeavitt, S. M. (2020). Thermal conductivity of uranium metal and uranium-zirconium alloys fabricated via powder metallurgy. Journal of Nuclear Materials. 531, 151982-151982.
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  • Badry, F., Brito, R., Abdoelatef, M. G., McDeavitt, S., & Ahmed, K. (2019). An Experimentally Validated Mesoscale Model of Thermal Conductivity of a UO2 and BeO Composite Nuclear Fuel. JOM. 71(12), 4829-4838.
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  • Evans, J. A., Anderson, S. A., Faierson, E. J., Perez-Nunez, D., & McDeavitt, S. M. (2019). Anisotropic Radiation-Induced Changes in Type 316L Stainless Steel Rods Built by Laser Additive Manufacturing. Nuclear Technology. 205(4), 563-581.
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Conference Papers50
  • Spencer, B. W., Woolstenhulme, N. E., Emerson, L. A., Yeh, J., Imholte, D., Hill, C., ... Ban, H. (2019). Separate-Effects Validation Experiments for Models of Fracture in Ceramic Nuclear Fuel. Proceedings of Global/Top Fuel.
  • Wachs, D., Weaver, K., Farmer, M., McDuffee, J., Sabharwal, P., Malloy, S., ... McDeavitt, S. (2018). Development of experimental capabilities for fuels and materials testing in the versatile test reactor. Transactions of the American Nuclear Society. 119, 507-508.
  • Patel, V. M., Loo, S. M., Jaques, B., Hurley, M., McDeavitt, S. M., & Butt, D. P. (2016). Monitoring and predicting stress corrosion cracking of long term spent nuclear fuel storage. NACE - International Corrosion Conference Series. 6, 4159-4171.
  • Sames, W. J., Dehoff, R. R., & McDeavitt, S. M. (2014). 3D printing high temperature materials for nuclear industry applications. Embedded Topical Meeting on Decommissioning and Remote Systems 2014, Held at the American Nuclear Society 2014 Annual Meeting. 100-101.
  • Ortega, L. H., Evans, J., & McDeavitt, S. M. (2014). Development of a high density uranium nitride-uranium silicide composite accident tolerant fuel. Transactions of the American Nuclear Society. 110, 999-1000.
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  • McClenny, L. D., Butt, M. I., Abdoelatef, M. G., Pate, M. J., Yee, K. L., Rajendran, H., ... Ahmed, K. (2021). Experimentally Validated Multiphysics Modeling of Fracture Induced by Thermal Shocks in Sintered UO2 Pellets.
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