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  • Rogers, G. O., & Park, Y. (2018). Rapid Development, Build-Out Ratio and Subsequent Neighborhood Turnover. SUSTAINABILITY. 10(5), 1339-1339.
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  • Rogers, G. O., Bardenhagen, E. K., & Lorente, P. (2016). Limiting disaster assistance to enhance community resilience. RESILIENCE-INTERNATIONAL POLICIES PRACTICES AND DISCOURSES. 4(3), 182-201.
  • Park, Y., & Rogers, G. O. (2015). Neighborhood Planning Theory, Guidelines, and Research: Can Area, Population, and Boundary Guide Conceptual Framing?. JOURNAL OF PLANNING LITERATURE. 30(1), 18-36.
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  • Rogers, G. O., Saginor, J., & Jithitikulchai, T. (2014). Dynamics of lake-level fluctuations and economic activity. JOURNAL OF ENVIRONMENTAL PLANNING AND MANAGEMENT. 57(10), 1497-1514.
  • Sung, C. Y., Li, M., Rogers, G. O., Volder, A., & Wang, Z. (2011). Investigating alien plant invasion in urban riparian forests in a hot and semi-arid region. LANDSCAPE AND URBAN PLANNING. 100(3), 278-286.
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