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We use molecular genetic tools, primarily microsatellite markers and mtDNA sequence data, to conduct basic and applied studies of termites and other insect pests of human structures. Our work on termites encompasses the breeding structure of colonies, colony and population genetic structure, invasion biology, foraging areas, colony densities and population dynamics. Research on other structural pests, mainly ants, cockroaches and bedbugs, focuses on population genetic structure, invasion biology, and dispersal.

selected publications
Academic Articles141
  • List, F., Tarone, A. M., ZhuSalzman, K., & Vargo, E. L. (2022). RNA meets toxicology: efficacy indicators from the experimental design of RNAi studies for insect pest management. Pest Management Science.
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  • Shults, P., Eyer, P., Moran, M., Chura, M., Ko, A., & Vargo, E. L. (2022). Assessing colony elimination in multicolonial ants: Estimating field efficacy of insecticidal baits against the invasive dark rover ant ( Brachymyrmex patagonicus ). Pest Management Science. 78(6), 2250-2257.
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  • Kjeldgaard, M. K., Eyer, P., McMichael, C. C., Bockoven, A. A., King, J. T., Hyodo, A., ... Eubanks, M. D. (2022). Distinct colony boundaries and larval discrimination in polygyne red imported fire ants ( Solenopsis invicta ). Molecular Ecology. (3),
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  • Da Silva, L., Jost, C., Vargo, E. L., Costa-Leonardo, A. M., & Haifig, I. (2022). Incipient colonies of the neotropical termite Cornitermes cumulans (Isoptera: Termitidae): comparing monogamy and polygamy as reproductive strategies. Insectes Sociaux. 69(1), 99-104.
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  • Eyer, P., & Vargo, E. L. (2021). Breeding structure and invasiveness in social insects. Current Opinion in Insect Science. 46, 24-30.
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  • Vargo, E. L. (2014). Molecular ecology meets urban entomology: How molecular biology is changing urban pest management. Urban Insect Pests: Sustainable Management Strategies. 166-180.
  • Vargo, E. L., & Husseneder, C. (2010). Genetic Structure of Termite Colonies and Populations. Biology of Termites: a Modern Synthesis. 321-347. Springer Netherlands.
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  • Vargo, E. L., & Husseneder, C. (2009). Biology of subterranean termites: insights from molecular studies of Reticulitermes and Coptotermes.. Annu Rev Entomol. ANNUAL REVIEW OF ENTOMOLOGY. 379-403. Annual Reviews.
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Conference Papers9
  • Booth, W., Million, L., Reynolds, R. G., Burghardt, G. M., Vargo, E. L., Schal, C., Tzika, A. C., & Schuett, G. W. (2011). Consecutive virgin births in the new world boid snake, the Colombian rainbow Boa, Epicrates maurus.. J Hered. 102(6), 759-763.
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  • Husseneder, C., Vargo, E. L., & Grace, I. K. (2003). Molecular genetic methods: New approaches to termite biology. WOOD DETERIORATION AND PRESERVATION. 845, 358-370.
  • Vargo, E. L., Husseneder, C., Grace, J. K., Henderson, G., & Ring, D. (2003). Colony and population genetic structure of formosan subterranean termites from Hawaii and Louisiana. Sociobiology. 41(1 A), 67-69.
  • Husseneder, C., Grace, J. K., Messenger, M. T., Vargo, E. L., & Su, N. Y. (2003). Describing the spatial and social organization of formosan subterranean termite colonies in Armstrong Park, New Orleans. Sociobiology. 41(1 A), 61-65.
  • Vargo, E. L., Husseneder, C., Grace, J. K., Henderson, G., & Ring, D. (2003). Colony and population genetic structure of Formosan subterranean termites from Hawaii and Louisiana. SOCIOBIOLOGY. 41(1A), 67-69.
Repository Documents / Preprints2
  • Blumenfeld, A. J., Eyer, P., Helms, A. M., Buczkowski, G., & Vargo, E. L. (2021). Consistent signatures of urban adaptation in a native, urban invader ant Tapinoma sessile.
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  • Lewis, C. D., Levine, B. A., Schal, C., Vargo, E. L., & Booth, W. (2021). Decade Long Upsurge In Target Site Pyrethroid Resistance In Bed Bug Populations In The United States.
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