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My research focuses on the expressive culture/folklore with particular emphasis on festival, ritual and narrative as vehicles for the preservation of group cohesion in situations of cultural conflict; the symbolic analysis of martial culture; African-American folk culture; and Chinese culture.

selected publications
Academic Articles32
  • Guodong, Z., & Green, T. A (2018). "I am the greatest boxer": Articulating group identity through Chinese folk drama. Journal of American Folklore. 131(521), 250-271.
  • Green, T. A (2012). Sick Hands and Sweet Moves: Aesthetic Dimensions of a Vernacular Martial Art. Journal of American Folklore. 125(497), 286-303.
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  • Zhang, G., & Green, T. A. (2012). Introduccin al boxeo de la flor del ciruelo: historia, cultura y prctica. Revista de Artes Marciales Asiticas. (2), 21.
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  • Green. (2010). Peuckert's Handwrterbuch and the Making of Twentieth-century Encyclopedias. Journal of Folklore Research. (1-2), 79.
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  • Beyerlein, M., Kennedy, F., & Beyerlein, S. (2006). Introduction. Advances in Interdisciplinary Studies of Work Teams. 12(374), xiii-xviii.
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  • Pepicello, W. J., & Green, T. A (1984). The Language of Riddles New Perspectives. The Ohio State University Press.
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  • Best, J (2017). The Satanism Scare. The Satanism Scare. 237-248. Routledge.
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  • Green, T. (2012). White men dont flow: Embodied aesthetics of the fifty-two hand blocks. Fighting Scholars: Habitus and Ethnographies of Martial Arts and Combat Sports. 125-140.
Conference Papers1
  • Green, T. A (2010). Vernacular Martial Arts: A Case Study of African-Americans. PROCEEDINGS OF THE 21ST PAN-ASIAN CONGRESS OF SPORTS AND PHYSICAL EDUCATION, VOL 1. 17-20.
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