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Interim Dean, School of Performance, Visualization & Fine Arts

My research interests include the use of 3D computer graphics in design, entertainment, and education. This includes motion and control systems for digital characters, tools and pipelines in collaborative production environments, real-time graphics, procedural methods for design, and the visual design of interactive educational software. I have a professional background in visual effects production for films. Specifically, my work focused on the creation and performance of digital creatures in visual effects-heavy tentpole films.

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Academic Articles2
  • Tessendorf, J., Mclaughlin, T., & Giramaji, S. (2021). Multi-Cohort/Multi-Tier/Cross-Disciplinary Instruction and Research via Short Film Production. J. Comput. Sci. Coll.. 36, 107118-107118.
  • Smith, D., McLaughlin, T., & Brown, I. (2012). 3-D Computer Animation vs. Live-Action Video: Differences in Viewers Response to Instructional Vignettes. Contemporary Issues in Technology and Teacher Education. 12, 41-54.
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  • Cook, M., Seo, J. H., Pine, M., & Mclaughlin, T. (2021). A Study of Mobile Augmented Reality for Motor Nerve Deficits in Anatomy Education. Uhl, J., Jorge, J., Lopes, D. S., & Campos, P. F. (Eds.), Digital Anatomy : Applications of Virtual, Mixed and Augmented Reality. 367-385. Springer International Publishing.
Conference Papers18
  • Roberts, H., Moore, T., & Mclaughlin, T. (2022). A Path To Constructing A Diverse Future In Digital Media Arts. ISEA 2022 - 27th International Symposium on Electronic Art, ISEA2022.
  • Raparthi, N., Acosta, E., Liu, A., & McLaughlin, T. (2020). GPU-based Motion Matching for Crowds in the Unreal Engine. SIGGRAPH Asia 2020 Posters, SIGGRAPH Asia 2020 Posters. 1-2.
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  • Jushchyshyn, N., McLaughlin, T., & Woolverton, M. (2019). Approaches for immersive media curriculum implementation. ACM SIGGRAPH 2019 Educators Forum, ACM SIGGRAPH 2019 Educators Forum. 1-2.
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  • Cook, M., Payne, A., Seo, J. H., Pine, M., & McLaughlin, T. (2019). InNervate AR: Dynamic Interaction System for Motor Nerve Anatomy Education in Augmented Reality. Communications in Computer and Information Science, HCI International 2019 - Posters. 1033, 359-365.
  • Cook, M., Ackley, A., Gonzalez, K. C., Payne, A., Seo, J. H., Kicklighter, C., Pine, M., & McLaughlin, T. (2019). InNervate Immersion: Case Study of Dynamic Simulations in AR/VR Environments for Learning Muscular Innervation. SIGGRAPH '19 - ACM SIGGRAPH 2019 POSTERS, ACM SIGGRAPH 2019 Posters. 1-2.
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