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  • Li, J., Perry-Smith, J., Kang, D., Lin, S., Son, E. S., Zhao, Q., ... Wu, W. (2022). New Theoretical Perspectives on How Leader Influences Employee Creativity. Academy of Management Proceedings. 2022(1),
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  • Liang, L. H., Coulombe, C., Skyvington, S., Brown, D. J., Ferris, D. L., & Lian, H. (2022). License to Retaliate: Good Deeds as a Moral License for Misdeeds in Reaction to Abusive Supervision. Human Performance. 35(2), 94-112.
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  • Liang, L. H., Coulombe, C., Brown, D. J., Lian, H., Hanig, S., Ferris, D. L., & Keeping, L. M. (2022). Can two wrongs make a right? The buffering effect of retaliation on subordinate well-being following abusive supervision.. J Occup Health Psychol. 27(1), 37-52.
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  • Lian, H., Huai, M., Farh, J., Huang, J., Lee, C., & Chao, M. M. (2022). Leader Unethical Pro-Organizational Behavior and Employee Unethical Conduct: Social Learning of Moral Disengagement as a Behavioral Principle. Journal of Management. 48(2), 350-379.
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