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My creative and scholarly interests are in Creative Nonfiction, Material Culture and Museum Studies, and Women's Literature.

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Academic Articles4
  • STABILE, S. M (2014). Bestiary. The Iowa Review. 44(2), 146-159.
  • Stabile, S. M (2010). Still(ed) Lives. American Literary History. 22(2), 390-412.
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  • Susan M. Stabile (2010). Still(ed) Lives. Early American Literature. 45(2), 371-395.
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  • Tumblety, J (2013). Memory and History. Memory and History: Understanding Memory as Source and Subject. 194-211. Routledge.
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  • Stabile, S. M (2011). Female curiosities: The transatlantic female commonplace book. Reading Women: Literacy, Authorship, and Culture in the Atlantic World, 1500-1800. 217-243.
  • Stabile, S. M (2003). Translatio Literati: Elizabeth Fergusson and British-American Literary History. Ousterhout, A. M. (Eds.), The Most Learned Woman in America: A Life of Elizabeth Graeme Fergusson. 1-27. Pennsylvania State University Press.
  • Stabile, S. M (2001). A "'Doctrine of Signatures": The Epistolary Physicks of Esther Burr’s Journal. Lindman, J. M., & Tarter, M. L. (Eds.), A Centre of Wonders The Body in Early America. 109-126. Cornell University Press.
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  • Stabile, S. M (2001). Under the Wisteria: The Topography of Sarah Wister's Commonplace Book. Lemay, J., Mulford, C., & Shields, D. S. (Eds.), Finding Colonial Americas Essays Honoring J.A. Leo Lemay. 227-248. University of Delaware Press.
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