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Areas of specific interest include advanced computing structures, application-specific parallel and multi-processing architectures, configurable computing, high-speed digital design, parallel and distributed algorithms, wireless and sensor networks, scheduling theory, traffic engineering, and quality-of-service mechanisms in wired and wireless networks.

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  • Omri, A., Shaqfeh, M., Ali, A., & Alnuweiri, H. (2019). Synchronization Procedure in 5G NR Systems. IEEE ACCESS. 7, 41286-41295.
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  • Beraldi, R., Alnuweiri, H., & Mtibaa, A. (2018). A Power-of-Two Choices Based Algorithm for fog Computing. IEEE TRANSACTIONS ON CLOUD COMPUTING. 1-1.
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  • Hafez, M., El Shafie, A., Shaqfeh, M., Khattab, T., Alnuweiri, H., & Arslan, H. (2018). Thresholds Optimization for One-Bit Feedback Multi-User Scheduling. IEEE WIRELESS COMMUNICATIONS LETTERS. 7(4), 646-649.
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  • Enshasy, H., Omar, A., Alnuweiri, H., & Cheng, M. (2017). Microwave NDT for in situ monitoring of fresh/saline water fraction in natural gas flow. International Journal of Electronics. 104(5), 722-734.
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  • Seddik, K. G., Gohary, R. H., Hussien, M. T., Shaqfeh, M., Alnuweiri, H., & Yanikomeroglu, H. (2017). Multi-Resolution Multicasting Over the Grassmann and Stiefel Manifolds. IEEE TRANSACTIONS ON WIRELESS COMMUNICATIONS. 16(8), 5296-5310.
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