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  • Santschi, P. H. (2019). Colloids and Nanoparticles in Aquatic Systems. Encyclopedia of Water. (pp. 1-13). Wiley.
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  • Buffle, J., van Leeuwen, H. P., Honeyman, B. D., & Santschi, P. H. (2019). The Role of Particles and Colloids in the Transport of Radionuclides and Trace Metals in the Oceans. Environmental Particles. (pp. 379-424). CRC Press.
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  • Hung, C., Gong, G., Lee, M., Liao, C., Chang, Y. i., Shih, Y., ... Santschi, P. H. (2014). Impacts of Typhoons on Nutrient Supply and Potential Fish Production in the Southern East China Sea. Typhoon Impact and Crisis Management. (pp. 267-282). Springer Berlin Heidelberg.
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  • Santschi, P., Hong, G., & Baskaran, M. (2009). Radionuclide Analysis in Seawater. Practical Guidelines for the Analysis of Seawater. CRC Press.
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  • Doucet, F. J., Lead, J. R., & Santschi, P. H. (2006). Colloid–Trace Element Interactions in Aquatic Systems. Environmental Colloids and Particles. (pp. 95-157). John Wiley & Sons, Ltd.
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