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Academic Articles29
  • Erbeli, F., He, K., Cheek, C., Rice, M., & Xiaoning, Q. (2023). Exploring the machine learning paradigm in determining risk for reading disability.. Scientific Studies of Reading. 1-13.
  • Rice, M., Erbeli, F., & Wijekumar, K. (2023). Phonemic awareness: Evidence-based instruction for students in need of intervention. Intervention in School and Clinic. 1-10.
  • Rice, M., Erbeli, F., Thompson, C. G., Sallese, M., & Fogarty, M. (2022). Phonemic awareness: A meta-analysis for planning effective instruction. Reading Research Quarterly. 1-40.
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  • Erbeli, F., & Rice, M. (2022). Examining the Effects of Silent Independent Reading on Reading Outcomes: A Narrative Synthesis Review from 2000 to 2020. Reading & Writing Quarterly. 38(3), 253-271.
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  • Little, C. W., Erbeli, F., Francis, D. J., & Tynan, J. (2022). Developmental trajectories for literacy and math skills from primary to secondary school. Journal of Research in Reading. 45(1), 65-82.
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  • Erbeli, F., & Pizorn, K. (2013). Assessment accommodations in English as a foreign language (EFL) reading competence for Slovene EFL students with specific reading differences. Tsagari, D., & Spanoudis, G. (Eds.), Assessing L2 Students with Learning and Other Disabilities. 189-206. Cambridge Scholars Publishing.
Conference Papers2
  • Hart, S., Daucourt, M., Little, C., Erbeli, F., & Haughbrook, R. (2019). Using meta-analysis to answer unique questions about the nature and nurture of reading ability. BEHAVIOR GENETICS. 49(6), 490-490.
  • Hart, S., Erbeli, F., Davis, O., & Taylor, J. (2017). Visualizing the nature and nurture of reading comprehension: geocoding a large diverse twin sample. BEHAVIOR GENETICS. 47(6), 645-645.
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