Dr. William Norris is currently a professor of Chinese foreign and security policy at the Bush School of Government and Public Service at Texas A&M University where he teaches graduate-level courses in Chinese domestic politics, East Asian security, and Chinese foreign policy. His broad research interests include East Asian security, business-government relations, Chinese foreign and security policy, and international relations theory--particularly the strategic relationship between economics and national security. His work examines the use of commercial sector actors to achieve national foreign policy objectives in the context of Chinese grand strategy.

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  • Norris, W. J., Vaughan-Naron, K., Kashyap, N., & Rodgers, J. B. (2022). Inoculating the University R&D Enterprise: How RISC can strengthen post-COVID-19 research integrity and global supply chains. BUSINESS AND POLITICS. 24(2), 113-132.
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  • Norris, W. J. (2021). China's Post-Cold War Economic Statecraft: A Periodization. Journal of Current Chinese Affairs. 50(3), 294-316.
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  • Tyler, J. T., Araya, S., Sullivan, R., Hewage, T., & Norris, W. J. (2021). Hong Kong Hardball (Apr, 10.1080/19406940.2021.1915850, 2021). INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF SPORT POLICY AND POLITICS. 13(4), I-I.
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  • Tyler, J. T., Araya, S., Sullivan, R., Hewage, T., & Norris, W. J. (2021). Hong Kong Hardball. INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF SPORT POLICY AND POLITICS. 13(4), 733-739.
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  • Norris, W. J. (2017). Chinas Economic Statecraft in Sino-American Relations. China's Economic Statecraft. 193-212. World Scientific Publishing.
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  • Norris, W. (2016). Economic statecraft as a tool of peacemaking? Chinas relationships with India and Russia. The Political Economy of Regional Peacemaking. 169-191. University of Michigan Press.
  • Norris, W. The Party in the Boardroom. Blanchette, J., & Kennedy, S. (Eds.), Chinese State Capitalism: Diagnosis and Prognosis. 24-28. Center for Strategic & International Studies.
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  • Li, M. China's Economic Statecraft. China's Economic Statecraft: Co-optation, Cooperation and Coercion. 193-212. WORLD SCIENTIFIC.
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Internet Publications2
  • Sievert, R., & Norris, W. (2018). Arbitration as a way out of the North Korean crisis. - An article submitted to The Conversation
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