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We combine sensitive biophysical techniques such as single-molecule fluorescence and force-spectroscopy with mechanistic modeling and molecular genetics to study bacterial motility, adaptability and antibiotic resistance.

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Academic Articles23
  • Antani, J. D., Gupta, R., Lee, A. H., Rhee, K. Y., Manson, M. D., & Lele, P. P. (2021). Mechanosensitive recruitment of stator units promotes binding of the response regulator CheY-P to the flagellar motor. Nature Communications. 12(1), 5442.
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  • Wong, G., Antani, J. D., Lele, P. P., Chen, J., Nan, B., Kühn, M. J., ... Dunkel, J. (2021). Roadmap on emerging concepts in the physical biology of bacterial biofilms: from surface sensing to community formation.. Phys Biol. 18(5), 051501-051501.
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  • Katiyar, A., Antani, J. D., McKee, B. P., Gupta, R., Lele, P. P., & Lele, T. P. (2021). A method for direct imaging of x-z cross-sections of fluorescent samples.. J Microsc. 281(3), 224-230.
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  • Antani, J. D., Sumali, A. X., Lele, T. P., & Lele, P. P. (2021). Asymmetric random walks reveal that the chemotaxis network modulates flagellar rotational bias in Helicobacter pylori.. Elife. 10, e63936.
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  • Rhee, K. Y., Chawla, R., & Lele, P. P. (2020). Protein expression-independent response of intensity-based pH-sensitive fluorophores in Escherichia coli.. PLoS One. 15(6), e0234849-e0234849.
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  • Lele, P. P., & Siems, M. M. (2009). Shareholder protection: a leximetric approach. Corporate Governance and Development: Reform, Financial Systems and Legal Frameworks. 143-175.
Conference Papers4
  • Antani, J. D., & Lele, P. P. (2020). Anisotropic Swimming Modes in Helicobacter pylori. Biophysical Journal. 118(3), 127a-127a.
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  • Lele, P (2013). Bacterial mechanobiology: Rotary flagellar motors as mechanosensors. Education Division 2013 - Core Programming Area at the 2013 AIChE Annual Meeting: Global Challenges for Engineering a Sustainable Future. 13.
  • Panczyk, M. M., Lele, P. P., Singh, J. P., Furst, E. M., & Wagner, N. J (2009). COLL 298-Ordering of anisotropic particles in 2D with AC electric fields. ABSTRACTS OF PAPERS OF THE AMERICAN CHEMICAL SOCIETY. 238,
  • Furst, E. M., Mittal, M., & Lele, P. P (2009). COLL 30-Directed colloidal assembly in AC electric fields. ABSTRACTS OF PAPERS OF THE AMERICAN CHEMICAL SOCIETY. 238,
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  • Antani, J. D., Sumali, A. X., Lele, T. P., & Lele, P. P (2020). Anisotropic random walks reveal chemotaxis signaling output in run-reversing bacteria.
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