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  • Kerth, C., Berto, M. C., Miller, R., & Savell, J. W. (2021). Cooking surface temperatures, steak thickness, and quality grade effects on volatile aroma compounds. (1),
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  • Till, M. C., Arnold, A. N., Griffin, D. B., Hale, D. S., Kerth, C. R., Miller, R. K., Gehring, K. B., & Savell, J. W. (2021). Palatability Assessments of Beef Top Loin Steaks Sourced from Three Quality Grade/Brand Categories from Texas and Non-Texas Processing Establishments. Meat and Muscle Biology. (1),
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  • Foster, M. K., Caldwell, K. R., Arnold, A. N., Griffin, D. B., Gehring, K. B., & Savell, J. W. (2021). Palatability assessments of beef strip loin steaks portioned by weight or by thickness sourced from various carcass weight/ribeye area size combinations.. Meat Sci. 172, 108319-108319.
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  • Savell, J. W. (2023). Introduction. Lawrie's Meat Science. 1-20. Elsevier.
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  • Savell, J. W. (2017). Chapter 1 Introduction. Lawries Meat Science. 1-18. Elsevier.
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  • Savell, J. W. (2014). CUTTING AND BONING | Traditional. Encyclopedia of Meat Sciences. 458-464. Elsevier.
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  • Savell, J. W., & Harris, K. B. (2012). Beef. jolly, C. M., O'Rourke, A. D., Colyer, D., Amponsah, W., Fletcher, S., & Kennedy, P. L. (Eds.), Encyclopedia of Lifestyle Medicine & Health. Sage Publications, Inc..
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  • Savell, J. W., & King, D. A. (2004). Goat Meat: Carcass Composition/Quality. Encyclopedia of Animal Science. 472-473. CRC Press.
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Conference Papers9
  • Ribeiro, F., Carter, J. A., Hughes, C. A., Ramsey, W. S., Savell, J. W., Riley, R. R., Sharpton, C., & Tait, R. (2010). Accuracy of real-time ultrasound for body composition traits for evaluating carcass traits in medium wool crossbred lambs.. JOURNAL OF DAIRY SCIENCE. 93, 275-275.
  • Curley, K., Pfeiffer, C., King, D. A., Savell, J. W., Vann, R. C., Welsh, T., & Randel, R. D. (2006). Relationships of cattle temperament and physiologic responses to handling during typical management situations.. JOURNAL OF ANIMAL SCIENCE. 84, 32-32.
  • Taylor, J. F., Davis, S. K., Sanders, J. O., Turner, J. W., Savell, J. W., Miller, R. K., & Smith, S. B. (1995). Localization of genes influencing carcass merit in a Bos indicus x Bos taurus cross. PROCEEDINGS: BEEF IMPROVEMENT FEDERATION - 27TH RESEARCH SYMPOSIUM & ANNUAL MEETING. 247-258.
  • Cross, H. R., & Savell, J. W. (1994). What do we need for a value-based beef marketing system?. Meat Sci. 36(1-2), 19-27.
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