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Academic Articles20
  • Davis, N. T., Goidel, K., Lipsmeyer, C. S., Whitten, G. D., & Young, C. (2019). Economic Vulnerability, Cultural Decline, and Nativism: Contingent and Indirect Effects. SOCIAL SCIENCE QUARTERLY. 100(2), 430-446.
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  • Compton, M. E., & Lipsmeyer, C. S. (2019). Everybody Hurts Sometimes: How Personal and Collective Insecurities Shape Policy Preferences. JOURNAL OF POLITICS. 81(2), 539-551.
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  • Bricker, D., Lipsmeyer, C., Whitten, G., & Young, C. (2019). Immigration, Nativism, and Changing Politics: Special Issue Introduction. Social Science Quarterly. 100(2), 409-411.
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  • Davis, N. T., Goidel, K., Lipsmeyer, C. S., Whitten, G. D., & Young, C. (2019). The Political Consequences of Nativism: The Impact of Nativist Sentiment on Party Support. SOCIAL SCIENCE QUARTERLY. 100(2), 466-479.
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  • Breunig, C., Lipsmeyer, C. S., & Whitten, G. D. (2017). "Introduction: Political Budgeting from a Comparative Perspective'. JOURNAL OF EUROPEAN PUBLIC POLICY. 24(6), 789-791.
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  • Hollenbach, F. M., Lipsmeyer, C. S., & Whitten, G. D. (2021). Introduction. Nederman, C. J. (Eds.), 183-187. Springer Science and Business Media LLC.
Conference Papers1
  • Lipsmeyer, C. S., Philips, A. Q., Rutherford, A., & Whitten, G. D. (2019). Comparing Dynamic Pies: A Strategy for Modeling Compositional Variables in Time and Space. POLITICAL SCIENCE RESEARCH AND METHODS. 7(3), 523-540.
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