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Dr. Bickham is interested primarily in the cultural and economic history of Britain and its empire before 1815 including colonial North America and the early United States. He has taught numerous courses on the history of Britain and the United States.

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  • Bickham, T (2021). Preparing for an Imperial Inheritance: Children, Play, and Empire in Eighteenth-Century Britain. Journal of British Studies. 60(3), 658-688.
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  • Bickham, T (2016). Imprinting Britain: Newspapers, Sociability, and the Shaping of British North America. AMERICAN HISTORICAL REVIEW. 121(4), 1270-1271.
  • Bickham, T (2016). Anglicizing America: Empire, Revolution, Republic. Journal of American History. 102(4), 1167.2-1168.
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  • Bickham, T. (2020). Eating the Empire FOOD AND SOCIETY IN EIGHTEENTH-CENTURY BRITAIN. University of Chicago Press.
  • Bickham, T. (2019). Why Communications Mattered in the War of 1812. Dew, A., Genest, M. A., & Paine, S. (Eds.), From Quills to Tweets How America Communicates War and Revolution. 24-42. Georgetown University Press.
  • Bickham, T. (2013). American Indians in the British Imperial Imagination, 17071815. British North America in the Seventeenth and Eighteenth Centuries. 227-254. Oxford University Press.
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  • Bickham, T. (2009). 'I shall tear off their scalps, and make cups of their skulls': American Indians in the eighteenth-century British press. Fulford, T., & Hutchings, K. (Eds.), NATIVE AMERICANS AND ANGLO-AMERICAN CULTURE, 1750-1850: THE INDIAN ATLANTIC. 56-73. Cambridge University Press.
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