My research focuses on (1) chemistry and application of ferrates, (2) formation, fate, and toxicity of silver and gold engineered and natural nanoparticles in aquatic environment, (3) applications of ferrites to destroy toxins and pollutants under solar light, and apply carbon-based materials to remediate contaminated water

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Academic Articles429
  • Sharma, V. K., Wang, J., Feng, M., & Huang, C. (2023). Oxidation of Pharmaceuticals by Ferrate(VI)-Amino Acid Systems: Enhancement by Proline.. J Phys Chem A.
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  • Ubhi, M. K., Kaur, M., Grewal, J. K., & Sharma, V. K. (2023). Phosphorous- and Boron-Doped Graphene-Based Nanomaterials for Energy-Related Applications.. Materials (Basel). 16(3), 1155-1155.
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  • Grewal, J. K., Kaur, M., Ubhi, M. K., Oliveira, A. C., Garg, V. K., & Sharma, V. K. (2023). Structural, magnetic, and photocatalytic properties of core-shell reversal nanocomposites of titanium-doped strontium ferrite and silica. JOURNAL OF MATERIALS RESEARCH. 1-16.
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  • Liu, J., Zhang, C., Jia, H., Lichtfouse, E., & Sharma, V. K. (2023). Abiotic transformation of polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons via interaction with soil components: A systematic review. CRITICAL REVIEWS IN ENVIRONMENTAL SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY. 53(5), 676-699.
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  • Sharma, V. K., Klingelhfer, G., & Nishida, T. (2013). Preface. John Wiley & Sons, Inc..
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  • Doong, R., Sharma, V. K., & Kim, H. (2013). Interactions of Nanomaterials with Emerging Environmental Contaminants Preface. AMERICAN CHEMICAL SOCIETY.
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  • Sharma, V. K., Sohn, M., & McDonald, T. J. (2019). Remediation of Selenium in Water: A Review. ADVANCES IN WATER PURIFICATION TECHNIQUES: MEETING THE NEEDS OF DEVELOPED AND DEVELOPING COUNTRIES. 203-218. Elsevier.
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  • Sharma, V. K., & Zboril, R. (2017). Silver Nanoparticles in Natural Environment: Formation, Fate, and Toxicity. BIOACTIVITY OF ENGINEERED NANOPARTICLES. 239-258. Springer Nature.
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  • Han, C., Ren, B., Nadagouda, M. N., Romanos, G., Falaras, P., Lim, T. T., ... Dionysiou, D. D. (2016). Nanotechnology applications. Sustainable Water Technologies. 105-143.
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  • Darko, B., Jiang, J. Q., Kim, H., Machala, L., Zboril, R., & Sharma, V. K. (2014). Advances Made in Understanding the Interaction of Ferrate(VI) with Natural Organic Matter in Water. Ahuja, S. (Eds.), Water Reclamation and Sustainability. 183-197. Elsevier Science Limited.
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Conference Papers84
  • Liu, J., Li, W., Li, Y. u., Zhang, X., Lujan, H., Sayes, C., & Sharma, V. (2019). Drinking water chlorination and chloramination in water distribution system: Release of lead, formation of disinfection byproducts (DBPs) and toxicity of tap water. ABSTRACTS OF PAPERS OF THE AMERICAN CHEMICAL SOCIETY. 257,
  • Feng, M., Jinadatha, C., McDonald, T., & Sharma, V. (2019). Enhanced oxidation of organic pollutants in water by activated ferrate(VI): Electron-transfer versus oxygen-atom transfer reductants. ABSTRACTS OF PAPERS OF THE AMERICAN CHEMICAL SOCIETY. 257,
  • Luo, C., Sharma, V., & Huang, C. (2019). Ferrate oxidation of pharmaceuticals in hydrolyzed urine: Impacts of organic constituents. ABSTRACTS OF PAPERS OF THE AMERICAN CHEMICAL SOCIETY. 258,
  • Kaur, M., & Sharma, V. (2019). Ferrite nanoparticles and their graphene nanocomposites as adsorbents and photocatalysts: Current status and future perspective. ABSTRACTS OF PAPERS OF THE AMERICAN CHEMICAL SOCIETY. 257,
  • Kaur, M., Kaur, M., Singh, D., Oliveira, A., Garg, V. K., & Sharma, V. (2019). Nanofabrication of N-doped graphene oxide with magnesium ferrite for effective Pb (II) and As (III) sequestration: A comparative study. ABSTRACTS OF PAPERS OF THE AMERICAN CHEMICAL SOCIETY. 257,
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