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  • Chen, B. o., Mirrielees, J. A., Chen, Y., Onasch, T. B., Zhang, Z., Gold, A., ... Brooks, S. D. (2023). Glass Transition Temperatures of Organic Mixtures from Isoprene Epoxydiol-Derived Secondary Organic Aerosol.. J Phys Chem A. 127(18), 4125-4136.
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  • Hendrickson, B. N., Brooks, S. D., Thornton, D., Moore, R. H., Crosbie, E., Ziemba, L. D., ... Alsante, A. N. (2021). Role of Sea Surface Microlayer Properties in Cloud Formation. FRONTIERS IN MARINE SCIENCE. 7, 596225.
  • Wilbourn, E. K., Thornton, D., Ott, C., Graff, J., Quinn, P. K., Bates, T. S., ... Brooks, S. D. (2020). Ice Nucleation by Marine Aerosols Over the North Atlantic Ocean in Late Spring. JOURNAL OF GEOPHYSICAL RESEARCH-ATMOSPHERES. 125(4),
  • Brooks, S. D., Jickells, T. D., Liss, P. S., Thornton, D., & Zhang, R. (2019). Biogeochemical Coupling between Ocean and Atmosphere-A Tribute to the Lifetime Contribution of Robert A. Duce. JOURNAL OF THE ATMOSPHERIC SCIENCES. 76(11), 3289-3298.
  • Mirrielees, J. A., & Brooks, S. D. (2018). Instrument artifacts lead to uncertainties in parameterizations of cloud condensation nucleation. ATMOSPHERIC MEASUREMENT TECHNIQUES. 11(12), 6389-6407.
  • Brooks, S. D., & Thornton, D (2018). Marine Aerosols and Clouds.. ANNUAL REVIEW OF MARINE SCIENCE, VOL 10. 289-313. Annual Reviews.
Conference Papers6
  • Zenker, J., & Brooks, S (2016). Using single-particle scattering depolarization signal to measure ice nuclei with a continuous flow diffusion chamber. ABSTRACTS OF PAPERS OF THE AMERICAN CHEMICAL SOCIETY. 252,
  • Marrero-Ortiz, W., Turner, B., Gomez, M., Khalizov, A., Brooks, S., & Zhang, R. (2016). Heterogeneous reactions of alkylamines with dicarboxylic acids relevant to secondary organic aerosol formation. ABSTRACTS OF PAPERS OF THE AMERICAN CHEMICAL SOCIETY. 252,
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  • Hiranuma, N., Brooks, S. D., Auvermann, B. W., & Littleton, R. (2007). Size distribution and hygroscopic properties of agricultural aerosols. 87th AMS Annual Meeting.
  • Ahuja, D., Brooks, S., Coulombel, L., & Dordick, J. S (2006). BIOT 386-Enzymatic reactions on solid-supported substrates for high-throughput lead optimization: Generating new platforms for drug discovery. ABSTRACTS OF PAPERS OF THE AMERICAN CHEMICAL SOCIETY. 232,
  • Prenni, A. J., Wise, M., Brooks, S., & Tolbert, M. A. (2000). Laboratory studies of ice nucleation in sulfate particles: Implications for cirrus clouds. NUCLEATION AND ATMOSPHERIC AEROSOLS 2000, The 15th international conference on nucleation and atmospheric aerosols. 534(1), 471-474.
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