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  • Dees, W. L., Hiney, J. K., & Srivastava, V. K. (2010). Actions of Manganese on Pubertal Development. Developmental Neurotoxicology Research: Principles, Models, Techniques, Strategies, and Mechanisms. (pp. 195-209). John Wiley %26 Sons, Inc..
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  • Dissen, G. A., Paredes, A., Romero, C., Les Dees, W., & Ojeda, S. R. (2003). Neural and Neurotrophic Control of Ovarian Development. The Ovary: Second Edition. (pp. 3-23). Elsevier.
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Conference Papers1
  • McCann, S. M., Karanth, S., Mastronardi, C. A., Dees, W. L., Childs, G., Miller, B., Sower, S., & Yu, W. H. (2002). Hypothalamic control of gonadotropin secretion. PROGRESS IN BRAIN RESEARCH. 141, 151-164.
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