My research focuses on the functional, ecological, & evolutionary aspects of how vertebrates detect, acquire, ingest and digest food. My program is integrative and comparative in nature. This work falls within the conceptual framework of ecological morphology & physiology and is conducted at the functional organismal level (morphology and physiology), behavioral, and ecological levels. The central concept of this field is that morphology and physiology influences an organism's ecology through constraints of behavioral performance, which is the capacity of an animal to exploit its natural resources, and explore its environment. Although investigations of morphology, physiology, and behavior stand on their own, ultimately the integration of these studies can explain how organisms interact with their environment, the evolution of functional complexes, and the pressure selections involved in driving adaptations.

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  • Fawzi, N., Fieseler, C. M., Helmuth, B., Leitao, A., Al-Ainsi, M., Al Mukaimi, M., ... Pyenson, N. D. (2022). Diplomacy for the world's hottest sea. SCIENCE. 376(6600), 1389-1390.
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  • Simonitis, L. E., & Marshall, C. D. (2022). Microstructure of the Bonnethead Shark (Sphyrna tiburo) Olfactory Rosette.. Integr Org Biol. 4(1), obac027.
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  • Peredo, C. M., Ingle, D. N., & Marshall, C. D. (2022). Puncture performance tests reveal distinct feeding modes in pinniped teeth.. J Exp Biol. 225(11), jeb244296.
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  • Keogh, M. J., Charapata, P., Fadely, B. S., Zeppelin, T., Rea, L., Waite, J. N., ... Wooller, M. J. (2021). Whiskers as a novel tissue for tracking reproductive and stress-related hormones in North Pacific otariid pinnipeds.. Conserv Physiol. 9(1), coaa134.
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  • Marshall, C. D., & Pyenson, N. D. (2019). Feeding in Aquatic Mammals: An Evolutionary and Functional Approach. FEEDING IN VERTEBRATES: EVOLUTION, MORPHOLOGY, BEHAVIOR, BIOMECHANICS. 743-+. Springer Nature.
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  • Marshall, C. D. (2009). Feeding Morphology. ENCYCLOPEDIA OF MARINE MAMMALS, 2ND EDITION. 406-414. Elsevier.
Conference Papers7
  • Simonitis, L. E., Gahn, M. B., Kaiser, K., Plon, S., McLellan, W. A., & Marshall, C. D. (2021). A tale of three inks: Comparison of free amino acid composition of ink from california sea hares, common cuttlefish, and pygmy sperm whales. INTEGRATIVE AND COMPARATIVE BIOLOGY. 61, E826-E827.
  • Simonitis, L. E., & Marshall, C. D. (2020). A Natural Occurring Shark Repellent: Ink has a Negative Effect on Shark Swimming Behavior. INTEGRATIVE AND COMPARATIVE BIOLOGY. 60, E215-E215.
  • Marshall, C. D., Raley, L. N., Peredo, C. M., & Pyenson, N. D. (2020). Implications for The Antiquity of Raptorial Biting in Pinnipedimorphs: Exploring Mandible Morphology in the Callorhinus Lineage. INTEGRATIVE AND COMPARATIVE BIOLOGY. 60, E151-E151.
  • Peredo, C. M., & Marshall, C. D. (2020). Orientation of the orbit predicts feeding ecology in marine mammals. INTEGRATIVE AND COMPARATIVE BIOLOGY. 60, E393-E393.
  • Marshall, C. D., Wieskotten, S., Hanke, W., Hanke, F. D., Marsh, A., Kot, B., & Dehnhardt, G. (2014). Feeding kinematics, suction, and hydraulic jetting performance of harbor seals (Phoca vitulina).. PLoS One. 9(1), e86710-E312.
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  • Ginter, S., Ingole, S., Fish, F. E., Marshall, C. D., & Crocker, D. E. (2015). Comparative Analysis of the Flexural Stiffness of Pinniped Vibrissae.
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