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  • Aldrete, R. M., Kruse, C. J., Salgado, D., Vadali, S. R., Mudgal, A., Villa, J. C., Cornejo, L. E., & Bae, D. S. (2018). Leveraging the Value of Land and Landside Access to Fund Port Infrastructure in Texas. TRANSPORTATION RESEARCH RECORD. 2672(11), 41-52.
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  • Gkritza, K. N., & Vadali, S. R. (2017). Special issue on transportation and economic development. RESEARCH IN TRANSPORTATION ECONOMICS. 61, 1-1.
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  • Vadali, S., & Chandra, S. (2016). Retraction notice to Buyer-Supplier Transport Access Measures for Industry Clusters [JART 12 (2014) 839849]. Journal of Applied Research and Technology. 14(4), 286-286.
  • Power, G. J., Burris, M., Vadali, S., & Vedenov, D. (2016). Valuation of strategic options in public-private partnerships. TRANSPORTATION RESEARCH PART A-POLICY AND PRACTICE. 90(C), 50-68.
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  • Vadali, S., Chandra, S., Shelton, J., Valdez, A., & Medina, M. (2015). Economic costs of critical infrastructure failure in bi-national regions and implications for resilience building: Evidence from El PasoCiudad Juarez. Research in Transportation Business & Management. 16, 15-31.
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