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My research group is interested in evaluating environmental hazard substances, their interactions with the environment and species, and biological systems that can degrade and detoxify the pollutants. We have established broad analytical platforms to survey a wide spectrum of natural or man-made toxic chemicals such as mycotoxins, microcystins, agricultural, and industrial chemicals.

We integrate electrocatalysis/photoelectrocatalytic processes and material engineering with biological systems for 1) chemical degradation and 2) energy storage. Meanwhile, our laboratory has built a modern analytical tool suite, which includes mass spectrometry-based platforms for monitoring and surveillance, hydrogen-deuterium exchange mass spectrometry for protein structure dynamics analysis, and gel free mass spectrometry-based proteomics analysis. We develop qualitative and quantitative methods for molecular characterizations, protein analysis and proteomics when working in different environmental systems.

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  • Hu, C., Zhao, M., Li, Q., Liu, Z., Hao, N., Meng, X., ... Yuan, J. S. (2021). Cover Feature: Phototunable Lignin Plastics to Enable Recyclability (ChemSusChem 19/2021). ChemSusChem. 14(19), 3980-3980.
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  • Hu, C., Zhao, M., Li, Q., Liu, Z., Hao, N., Meng, X., ... Yuan, J. (2021). Phototunable Lignin Plastics to Enable Recyclability. ChemSusChem. 14(19), 4260-4269.
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  • Yin, L., Sang, H., Schnoebelen, D. J., Wels, B., Simmons, D., Mattson, A., ... Dai, S. Y. (2021). Risk based arsenic rational sampling design for public and environmental health management. Chemometrics and Intelligent Laboratory Systems. 211, 104274-104274.
  • Bao, W., Liu, B., Rong, S., Dai, S. Y., Trasande, L., & Lehmler, H. (2020). Association Between Bisphenol A Exposure and Risk of All-Cause and Cause-Specific Mortality in US Adults. JAMA Netw Open. 3(8), e2011620-e2011620.
  • Li, T., Liu, Y., Li, M., Qian, X., & Dai, S. Y. (2020). Mask or no mask for COVID-19: A public health and market study.. PLoS One. 15(8), e0237691-e0237691.
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