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My research focuses on human evolutionary ecology, parental investment, marriage, cooperation, and altruism.

selected publications
Academic Articles14
  • Bailey, K. E., Winking, J. W., Carlson, D. L., Tran Van Bang, .., & Ha Thang Long (2020). Arm-Swinging in the Red-Shanked Douc (Pygathrix nemaeus): Implications of Body Mass. International Journal of Primatology. 41(4), 583-595.
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  • Hooper, P. L., Gurven, M., Winking, J., & Kaplan, H. S (2015). Inclusive fitness and differential productivity across the life course determine intergenerational transfers in a small-scale human society.. Proc Biol Sci. 282(1803), 20142808-20142808.
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  • Winking, J., Stieglitz, J., Kurten, J., Kaplan, H., & Gurven, M (2013). Polygyny among the Tsimane of Bolivia: an improved method for testing the polygyny-fertility hypothesis.. Proc Biol Sci. 280(1756), 20123078-20123078.
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  • Rucas, S. L., Gurven, M., Winking, J., & Kaplan, H (2012). Social aggression and resource conflict across the female life-course in the Bolivian Amazon.. Aggress Behav. 38(3), 194-207.
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  • Kaplan, H., Gurven, M., & Winking, J. W. (2008). An Evolutionary Theory of Human Life Span: Embodied Capital and the Human Adaptive Complex. Bengtson, V. L., Gans, D., Putney, N. M., & Silverstein, M. (Eds.), Handbook of Theories of Aging, Second Edition. 39-66. Springer Publishing Company.
Conference Papers4
  • Bailey, K. E., Winking, J. W., Carlson, D. L., Tran, V. B., & Ha, T. L. (2019). Arm-swinging and habitat use of the red-shanked douc in the Son Tra Nature Reserve, Vietnam. AMERICAN JOURNAL OF PHYSICAL ANTHROPOLOGY. 168, 11-11.
  • Vasunilashorn, S., Finch, C., Kim, J., Winking, J., Gurven, M., Kaplan, H., & Crimmins, E (2011). AGING WITH A TRADITIONAL LIFESTYLE: THE TSIMANE OF BOLIVIA. GERONTOLOGIST. 51, 391-391.
  • Kaplan, H., Gurven, M., Winking, J., Hooper, P. L., & Stieglitz, J (2010). Learning, menopause, and the human adaptive complex.. Ann N Y Acad Sci. 1204(1), 30-42.
  • Winking, J., Gurven, M., Kaplan, H., Vasunilashorn, S., Kim, J. K., Finch, C., & Crimmins, E (2010). Correlates of C-reactive protein concentrations among the Tsimane of Bolivia: How do they compare to those found in the US population?. AMERICAN JOURNAL OF HUMAN BIOLOGY. 22(2), 276-276.
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